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This exciting new model from VapeXhale puts a unique spin on the vaping experience with its bong style Hydratube. It’s all glass vapor path and high tech Perpetuheat heating system combine to produce smooth and consisitent vapor from your dry herb or wax.

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Cloud Evo VapeXhale is a high quality stationary vaporizer. It is powered by a 110V power cord, so keeping the batteries charged is not an issue. Vaporizer accessories include 2 EZ load bowls, power cord, heat shield, and glass mouthpiece. The hydratube for vapor water filtration is available in several different styles for consumers to find that perfect personalized vape. The vaporizer humidifier or hydratube softens the harshness of huge vapor hits so you are getting all of the vapor without scratching up your throat or lungs. The mouthpiece and entire vapor path are 100% glass, preserving the purity of the vapor.Cloud EVO Desktop Vaporizer by Vapexhale

How Does the Cloud Evo Vape?

Cloud Evo by VapeXhale is a great home vaporizer. It is perfect for people looking for a high quality stationary vaporizer to keep at home. Most will use the device for dry herb vaporization, but an essential oils starter kit is also available if you prefer to vaporize concentrates. Is the Cloud Evo vaporizer used for marijuana? While you could vaporize any smokable herb, marijuana is a perfect fit for this highly rated tool.  The included guide gives the step by step process for a satisfying vape. Simply turn on the unit and allow it to heat. When the light goes from red to green, it is sufficiently warm. Pack the EZ load bowl halfway with shredded herb, attach the optional hydratube, and you are ready to vape. The Evo is unique in that it does not operate with a bag like other popular vaporizers on the market.

Should I Buy It?

The Cloud Evo vaporizer benefits include lack of combustible smoke so you get a tar-free, water filtered hit from the unit. In comparison studies, the Evo is superior to traditional methods of smoking. Cloud Evo vs bong? The Evo will win every time because of the beneficial vapor reducing carcinogenic chemicals from burnt herbs. Cloud Evo vs smoking? Again, Evo will win every time. The beauty of vapor products is that they eliminate harmful chemicals. With the Cloud Evo, medical marijuana therapy is a breeze. It comes highly recommended.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo vs Herbalizer: If you are looking for a glass-type vape instead of a bag vape, you will want to choose the Cloud Evo. As far as the VapeXhale Cloud Evo vs Volcano vaporizer, if you are looking for a personal vaporizer to use at home and not with a larger group, you will love the Evo. The Cloud Evo also vapes more efficiently than other top vaporizers on the market. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars for the Cloud Evo, but  it is usually several hundred dollars less than other high end vaporizers such as the Volcano and the Herbalizer.


We recommend the this vaporizer’s quality construction, and the distinctive design. The hydratube makes it a stand out choice among other vaporizers, as you do not have to fuss with a bag, making it as simple to use as a traditional water pipe. Check it out for yourself, watch the VapeXhale Cloud Evo video to see exactly how easy it is to operate this efficient, sturdy, and stylish desktop vaporizer.


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