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Another exciting addition to the Storz & Bickell range, the Crafty portable vape delivers exceptional vapor quality in a compact and efficient design. Temperature and other settings can be adjusted on your smartphone or tablet computer via bluetooth using the Crafty app.

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The Crafty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is compact, very easy-to-use even for vaporizer newbies, and complemented by Bluetooth technology. It’s smaller and lighter than its counterpart, the Mighty Vaporizer, also from German manufacturers Storx & Bickell. There are other differences as well, which will be outlined in full later in this review.crafty vaporizer and smartphone with app


The Crafty uses a high-efficiency heat exchanger that combines hot air convection heating with conduction. The result is immediate, consistent and high quality vapor production. The herb chamber can hold approximately 0.3 grams of material (depending on how fine you grind your herb), the same as the Mighty, and can be loaded using the convenient filling tool accessory. The cooling unit and mouthpiece are then attached. The cooling unit is yet another fine example of how well engineered this vape is. This design feature delivers a mild, richly flavored vapor, creating a very pleasant vaping experience without the harshness of lower end devices.

How to use the Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty Vape is very easy to use with just a single button and lacks the manual temperature controls and LED display found on the Mighty. When you’ve packed in your herbs you just push the button and it starts heating up. The Crafty Vaporizer’s default temperature is 356-degrees Fahrenheit. When that temp is reached, the vaporizer vibrates twice, and the LED light turns green. If you want to go hotter to 383-degrees, known as the booster temperature on this vaporizer, you just double-click the same button. Again, the double-vibration and light change lets you know when to start vaping.

How to clean your Crafty Vaporizer

If you clean your Crafty Vaporizer regularly, it will look and operate like brand-new for a long time. As you would expect, the herb chamber and screen require frequent cleaning (ideally after each session). Just use the brush provided to remove any debris. The cooling unit should also be cleaned occasionally. After removing it, the cooling unit can itself be disassembled for easier access to the vapor path. Use rubbing alcohol, or alternatively, a little warm water and soap.


At only 0.3 pounds and just over 4 inches tall, the Crafty is the smallest of Storz & Bickel’s herb vaporizer offerings. This makes it ideal for on-the-go vaping and travel. It is considerably lighter than the Mighty’s half-pound weight. The Mighty and Crafty actually share the same herb chamber; however, the Mighty has a larger cooling unit, has 2 batteries to the Crafty’s 1, and an LED display and temperature control buttons.

Battery life

The Crafty is powered by one Lithium-Ion battery. In terms of usage, this gives you about three 10-12 minute vaping sessions before the battery dies. The Crafty vaporizer battery has some neat features, for example, you can start using the vaporizer when it’s plugged in, provided it’s at about 20%. You can also charge the battery using a USB connection in your car (if available), laptop, and so on, which helps enhance its portability. The Mighty has a much longer battery life and charges up faster, which makes it better if you don’t want to always carry a charger around with you, or are in a situation where charging opportunities are few and far between.

Remote control app

One of the more unique features of the Crafty Vaporizer is the Remote Control app available for both Apple and Android devices. By connecting your smartphone and your Crafty using Bluetooth technology, you can adjust the vaporizer’s temperature, the brightness of the LED lights, and the vibration settings. You can also see what the battery level is and how many total hours you’ve used the device for. Having all these settings via smartphone is what allows for the Crafty’s one-button operation.

Other Considerations

When looking at the Crafty Vaporizer, you should know that it’s about $70 less than the Mighty. This might not seem like much, but considering the Crafty Vaporizer is over $339, you might want to save where you can. The Crafty Vaporizer is definitely more travel-friendly and even though its battery life is about half that of the Mighty, there are lots of ways you can charge it while on the go, so with a little planning, you won’t encounter any dead battery issues. Furthermore, the longer battery life of the Mighty is negated to some extent, at least, by its bulkiness. The app is a cool feature but the relative lack of control could also be seen as a disadvantage, depending on where you’re coming from. As with the Mighty vape, the auto shut-off feature which kicks in after just 1 minute of inactivity, has proved irksome for some users, but most would agree this is not that big a deal. The bottom line is you are unlikely to ever regret buying the Crafty vaporizer, and given the quality of the design and construction, you can rest assured you are getting excellent value for your money.


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