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All you need to know about dry herb vaping


man using a herbal vaporizer pen

A dry herb vaporizer, also known as a weed vaporizer or dry herb atomizer, is an electronic device that has lately become an excellent alternative to the traditional way of smoking dry herb. In this case, the vaporizer delivers a definite high by heating up the herbs and producing a vapor. Some devices can also be used interchangeably with oils and waxes while others are specifically designed to be used with either dry herb or herbal concentrates.

So how do they work?

Although dry herb vaporizers come in different sizes and shapes, the principle behind their operation is essentially the same. They work by subjecting the material to lower temperatures than those required for complete combustion but high enough to convert the herbs to gas or vapor ( around 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit). This way, the result is typically an inhalable but smokeless vapor that consists of the product’s useful and active ingredients but without the harmful chemical-laden impurities of smoke.

The different types of dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizer units come in an assortment of sizes and shapes depending on the user’s lifestyle and tastes. However, here are the most common ones.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are currently the most popular type of vaporizer on the market. These are lightweight, hand held devices that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They will generally fit comfortably in your pocket and provide users a good balance between portability and function. Aside from portability, these rechargeable battery powered devices offer other advantages that include discretion, ease of use and affordability relative to larger devices.

Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers: They are basically a subset of portable vaporizers that previously were designed to be used largely with herbal concentrates e.g, waxes, and essential oils. However, improvements in design and technology have allowed for the introduction of so-called “true vaporizers” that are capable of combustion free vaporization of dry herb. Pen vaporizers are an ideal choice if you like to vape on the go. They have certain benefits in terms of concealment and can be disguised as an e-Cigarette or even a pen in airports and other security checks. Nonetheless, many vaporizer pens heat the herbs directly by means of conduction, which implies that they are not as effective for dry herb vaping as other types of vaporizers that use convection.

Desktop Vaporizers

As the name suggests, the most obvious difference between portable and desktop varieties is in their size. Desktop vaporizers are usually significantly larger and most are AC powered plugin devices. Their greater size and power means they have the ability to produce more vapor making them a popular choice among medical and recreational users alike who prefer or require a more substantial hit when vaping. This is especially true in the case of forced air vaporizers which are also a logical choice, when used with balloon attachments, for those engaging in communal vape sessions. Moreover, their use of convection heating technology makes them more efficient and produces a higher quality vapor.

Desktop vapes can be loosely categorized according to the delivery system. Both systems typically employ convection as a means to transfer heat to a heating chamber containing the material to be vaporized. This means the heating chamber and herb are not in direct contact with the heat source but are instead heated by the flow of hot air. In the case of box and whip style vapes, the user initiates the flow of hot air by taking a draw whereas forced air devices utilize an internal fan to achieve the same result. Forced air vapes can also be used with whips as well as balloon attachments.

Advantages or benefits of vaporizing over traditional smoking

Contrary to what a majority of weed smokers think, burning marijuana directly releases the same harmful chemicals and toxins associated with burning tobacco or smoking cigarettes. These harmful byproducts of combustion include various carcinogens, carbon-monoxide and tar – one of the leading causes of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory elements.

Other than that, vaporizing weed is proven to be more efficient than smoking, especially considering that the vapor has a larger concentration of the herb’s active ingredients than regular smoke. In fact, exposing the material to an open flame actually destroys a significant amount of those active ingredients. Besides, it’s cleaner, less detectable, delivers a high faster and generally provides for a more enjoyable experience all round and with less throat irritation.

Also, portable vaporizers are more versatile, a factor that makes them a convenient way of consuming dry herbs on the go, compared to other traditional methods such as lighting up a blunt.


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